Elementary School

Pre-K - 4th Grade

At the elementary school, learning is synonymous with creating, discovering, and exploring.

Our curriculum includes traditional academics as well as social-emotional learning activities, art, computer coding, and project-based learning. This diverse approach ensures scholars develop a strong foundation of core knowledge and critical thinking skills. Our elementary school curriculum is designed to instill a love of learning at an early age, promoting habits of success to prepare young scholars for the road to college.

Academic Calendar 2020-2021

Staff Directory

Campus Leadership Team

  • Greta Kwedar

    Principal, Upper Elementary School

  • Daniela Rubio

    Principal, Lower Elementary School

  • Aschon Habibi

    Senior Director of Special Services

  • Alexa Burdett

    Assistant Principal

  • Keith Hartle

    Assistant Principal, Upper Elementary

  • Mariela Rubio-Mensik

    Assistant Principal, Lower Elementary


  • Catarino Becerra

  • Alexis Benitez-Martinez

  • Maria Benitez de Ugarte

  • Imelda Castillo

  • Ricardo Chavana

  • Alberto Cerna

  • Claudia Coquis

  • Rafael Coquis

  • Ashley Diaz

  • Cristal Diaz

  • Kali Fagnant

  • Sonia Enriquez

  • Paz Brito Espinoza

  • Isabella Flores

  • Avery Gleaves

  • Angelica Gomez

  • Alejandra Martinez

  • John Marmolejo Torres

  • Lupe Mercado

  • Chris Moody

  • Mine Orta

  • Dana Reichmann

  • Zachary Samuels

  • Pedro Santoyo

  • Yola Segrets

  • Lauren Sekel

  • Consuelo Suarez Rodriguez

  • Gerardo Ramirez

  • Maria Cueva-Riofrio

  • Ana Piedra-Reynoso

  • Veronica Genera Vargas

  • Bree Wyrick